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Zielgruppe: MitarbeiterInnen der Bibliotheken in MV 
Vorkenntnisse: This course is conducted entirely in English, and so it is not suitable for absolute beginners. 

NEW! - ‘Practice your English’ Workshop
This course is designed as a companion course to 'Everyday English for Librarians’. If you have already taken 'Everyday English for Librarians’, this workshop works well as a 'follow-on’ course – however, it stands alone as a learning experience and it is not necessary to take 'Everyday English’ first. This course focusses on practice with speaking English in normal situations that occur in any library:

  • Helping users to find and use library resources
  • Describing online resources
  • Taking personal information from library users
  • Explaining processes and rules
  • Dealing with complaints and angry library users
  • Delivering excellent customer service

The exercises will stretch your ability to speak confidently and fluently to your library users. Using a wide variety of learning techniques that keep the learning relevant, interesting and sometimes even fun, the native-speaking course leader will help you to discover that helping library users in English is rewarding, easy, and fulfilling. 

Referenten: Mark Edwards (FU Berlin) 
Teilnehmerzahl: 10/5 
Termin: Mi/Do, 16./17.09.2015, 9.00 - 16.00 Uhr 
Ort: Universität Rostock, Universitätsbibliothek - Bereichsbibliothek Südstadt Raum 011, Albert-Einstein-Str. 6, 18059 Rostock 
Veranstalter: UB Rostock 
Anmeldeschluss: 14.08.2015 
Kosten: 116,00 € 
Kontakt: Marlies Peters 
Anmeldung: Marlies Peters 
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