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Zielgruppe: MitarbeiterInnen der Bibliotheken 
Vorkenntnisse: gute Englisch-Kentnisse, Online-Zugang 
Inhalt: Dear all!

IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and the New Professionals SIG have partnered with the American Library Association to present a one-hour webinar about library services to immigrants and refugees including models and best practices from different regions of the world.

We believe in libraries serving all the groups in our communities. Therefore, we are glad to collaborate with various library groups to share the most current best practices and models to serve immigrants and refugees. IFLA's Public Library Section has developed an impressive compilation of services from different regions of the world and a recent campaign about services to refugees. EBLIDA in Europe has developed a strong campaign to promote services to these populations. IFLA's Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section has produced detailed guidelines and a toolkit about the topic.

This is a super team and we are so happy to be able to produce an online resource that will be recorded for colleagues to revisit and listen anywhere at any time. A summary of the online event including links to resources presented during the webinar will be shared later in the Spring.

Join us and hear our speakers: 

Referenten: Jan Richards, Secretary/Information Coordinator, IFLA Public Libraries Section, and Manager of Central West Libraries, Australia; Jukka Relander, President of EBLIDA, and President of the Finnish Library Association; Jack Hang-tat Leong, Chair, IFLA Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section, and Director of University of Toronto Libraries, Canada 
Termin: Donnerstag, 31. März 2016, 21 Uhr 
Ort: eigenes PC 
Veranstalter: IFLA/ALA 
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